Brine sprayer for all vehicle classes


Brine sprayer for all vehicle classes whether power hydraulics or PTO, whether tractor or articulated steering, our systems fit everywhere.

For the winter season, customers are equipped with a Fiedler brine spray system/brine sprayer FSSA for all vehicle classes.

Another advantage is that the system can also be used for irrigation in summer (e.g. in combination with a watering arm). The tanks of the systems are made up of modularly constructed PE tanks (impact-resistant, UV and chemical resistant). These can be individually adapted depending on the vehicle width and construction length. Thus, the optimal payload is achieved for each basic vehicle. The size of the tank systems is available for all categories of vehicles from 230l to 17,600l of brine.
The FSSA series has two closed control loops for application as standard. Thus, in addition to the pressure, the actually applied quantity in ml/m² is permanently monitored and readjusted automatically if necessary. The control of the brine sprayer takes place via the Fiedler Multimatic Control (FMC) with a user-friendly colour display. Minimum quantities of 5 ml/m² can be applied with pinpoint accuracy even at low driving speeds. The spray width can be extended to each the right and left of the vehicle by up to 1.5m at the push of a button.
Optionally, there is also a jet nozzle (e.g. for bus stops), LED warning flashing lights, level indicator for the user and a complete evaluation of the distances travelled and the quantities applied by using GPS. For de-icing stairs, the device is equipped with an 18m long stainless steel hose reel with a hand lance as standard.

FIEDLER Maschinenbau und Technikvertrieb GmbH offers you a complete range of implements and attachments in municipal, environmental and winter maintenance technology for municipal vehicles and tractors.
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