Hot water system complements the water portfolio


The tried and tested modular tank systems will be expanded to include the next option. Working in the hot water mode is made possible. This is intended for the purpose of thermal weed control.

Output is possible via various front and rear attachments. Thus, various hand lances in different working widths can be mounted on the hot water stainless steel high pressure hose reel. The high pressure pump delivers 15 l/min at 200 bar.

The system enables the burner to be started up and shut down automatically in circulation mode and offers a preheating program so that it can be used more quickly. It is fully automatic and does not require manual operation on the tank system. It is also equipped with an automatic descaling program. There is a water softening device with a 12V dosing pump in the system.

The system offers automatic control of the water volume and the burner, depending on the application device, so that an effective operation can be made possible. The burner goes automatically into standby mode during short breaks in order to also be used efficiently.

The installed application on the vehicle shown is also equipped with a watering arm to better illustrate the double use. Working in watering mode is fully controllable with the volume control and dosing counter 70l/min at 5bar water pressure. Alternatively, with a flushing bar at 70l/min and 50bar.