Water technology in a large format for all trucks


Thanks to the flexible cascade design of FIEDLER tank systems, you will not only find the right solution for irrigation and street cleaning in the compact vehicle and tractor sector. With the series from 5100l to 17.600l we’ve also made possible systems with large volumes suitable for every chassis. Assembly is carried out either directly on the vehicle frame or on the change systems common on the market.

This enables the variable configuration and optimal use of the available payload of every truck. In addition to the selectable volumes, a large number of pump variations can be delivered; pumps available are between 5 bar and 350 bar. The low / medium / high pressure pumps can be operated directly via the vehicle hydraulics (which is also implemented by FIEDLER) or via an internal combustion engine.

In order to optimally integrate the tank systems into daily work, there are a variety of other attachments in addition to hand lances. For example, washing booms with working areas between 2.50m and 3.00m, which are optionally available telescopically, in order to achieve a compact construction. Another device is the watering arm, which is either hydraulically or electrically driven. A large number of variants are also available here with boom sizes between 3.5m and 6.00m.

Since the tank systems are universal, it is also possible to operate brine systems with alternating uses. So the same system can be operated with a brine spray bar in winter service and with one of the front attachment devices in summer. This enables the diverse tank systems to be used effectively all year round.

FIEDLER Maschinenbau und Technikvertrieb GmbH offers you a complete range of implements and attachments in municipal, environmental and winter maintenance technology for municipal vehicles and tractors.
Made in GERMANY - from development through testing, production to assembly and installation or shipping, our employees ensure that customers are completely satisfied.

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